Hand made silver jewellery inspired by the Red Sea
  Introducing our range of solid silver jewellery inspired by diving with the fantastic marine life of the Red Sea.
Choose from mantas, sharks, seahorses, starfish, dolphins, turtles, shells and many more designs.
Simple, stunning, silver pendants on durable necklaces made for divers, all dived and tested by the dive guides of Sharm el Sheikh.
All our designs are also available as charms and earrings, and kept at reasonable prices to be enjoyed by everyone.
  Please take a minute to look at the Gallery or Shop online to see some of the beautiful handcrafted fine silver jewellery that is available. If you see a design in the gallery that isn't in the shop just drop me and email to get a price and have it made up. If you need any further infomation please contact me

...Have a special request of your own? Create a unique design and have it made into your own personal pendant.